For the Love of the Game – 3 on 3

Tournament Brackets

August 1, 2020

Central Middle School | 200 32nd Street, Port Huron, MI 48060

Tournament Rules:
– One official & one scorekeeper per court.
– Four players per team. Minimum of four teams per division
– Games will be played in a half-court setting.
– Each game is played to 15, by ones and twos. Games must be won by 2 point to a max of 17 points or time runs out.
– If 15 points is not reached by either team at the end of 20 minutes, the team with the most points will be declared the winner.
– Each team will be allowed two 30-second time out per game.
– Possession of the ball will alternate on a made basket.
– On a change of possession, such as a rebound or steal, the ball must be taken back beyond the three point line before an attempt is made to score
– Shooting fouls will result in one free throw and all other fouls will result in a new possession.
– Team fouls will be recorded. After 7 team fouls, shooting fouls will result in two free throws and all other fouls will result in one.
– Substitutions can only be made on a dead ball
– Tie games will be determined by a team shoot out.