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Natillie Wettlaufer

Teacher’s Pet tutoring provided my son with the confidence in math he was requiring to succeed. He was lacking the skills and ability to understand what was being taught to him. The one on one provided a positive and supportive environment for him to be able to apply the skills he learned towards his academic career. Thank to The Athletic Factory for providing us with the opportunity, and thank you to Teacher’s Pet Tutoring for helping his skills, ability, and confidence in math.

Sean Culler

Tutoring was essential in keeping my child on track as a successful student. Learning is about creating habits. These habits lead to success in school and later on in life. My child’s tutoring helped to develop essential habits in the school environment that benefitted him well.
Transferring these habits to real time applications resulted in completed work, better grades, more improves work ethic and greater overall success.

Thank you to The Athletic Factory and Teachers Pet for working with my child to develop great habits.

Michelle VanBuskirk

My granddaughter has greatly benefited from tutoring at Teacher’s Pet Tutoring with the scholarship from The Athletic Factory. She was really struggling in math, however with the assistance she received, she went from D’s to A’s and B’s. This was a huge boost to her confidence level and her happiness. Teacher’s Pet Tutoring was very accommodating and worked around her practice schedule. I pray you are able to continue offering the scholarships for the many children that need the one on one learning. THANK YOU!!

Karina Martinez

I want to say thank you so much to the Athletic Factory and Teacher’s Pet Tutoring for offering this program. I was failing math, and by the end of the semester, I received my first A in math. I couldn’t have done this without the support of the program and my tutor, Mary! I have gained so much confidence, allowing me to take the tools I have learned and help encourage and help my classmates during group work. I once dreaded math class, and now I look forward to it. I gained the confidence I needed as my goal is to become an anesthesiologist, and math is going to be an essential part of my future. And I am so grateful as it’s setting me up for success!!!

Jodi Brockitt

My daughter has truly benefited from the tutoring she has received in pre- calc. She’s been able to ask questions and get 1:1 help and a guided explanation while understanding and completing her work. The tutoring has made her feel more confident and has increased her knowledge and test scores.
Thank you Teacher’s Pet Tutoring, and Athletic Factory!

Eileen Switzer

I am so thankful for the opportunity provided to my daughter, Therese Georgia, by the Athletic Factory. She was awarded a scholarship for SAT prep at Teacher’s Pet tutoring. This was incredibly helpful and beneficial for her. Her SAT test score went up 200 points after taking the prep classes. She just received her scores the other day and it was 1430!! We are all thrilled with the improvement in her scores and her confidence in taking the test. We can’t thank The Athletic Factory enough, for the opportunity!!

K Jackson

I am very thankful for this program to help support my daughter’s academic progress. She was struggling a lot in math. Her confidence in math has improved along with her skills due to this program. The tutor was excellent, and my daughter actually enjoyed going to tutoring. Thank you, Athletic Factory!!

Bradley Cooper

SAT prep helped me as a student by preparing me for what to expect and how to handle problems on the SAT. Without it I probably would have had no idea how to cope with the test. Thank you to Athletic Factory for providing this opportunity!!

Amber Sabo

I am just amazed that one hour a week has provided my daughter the ability to maintain eligibility in sports through the increasing of her grade by almost 40%. I can’t thank the Athletic Factory enough for allowing my daughter to continue doing what she loves, building confidence in a classroom, and proving reassurance that she can do it! This program is a life saver.

Nathan Albers

The Athletic Factory helped my nephew who was struggling during Covid. The help that they provided was absolutely amazing. With their assistance we were able to get him back on track and he is doing great.  A huge thanks for the support they provided!

Brayden Albers

This tutoring program has helped me from almost failing 3 semester to passing all them. Thank you Athletic Factory!!

Nicole Albers

I am so grateful for my son to be given this opportunity and I want to personally thank athletic factory for making it happen! My son was failing two marking periods and with the help of Teachers Pet and Jessica Wilson’s wonderful team, he is now passing and going to graduate on time!! This program is amazing and I can’t put into words how much this means to not only me, but my son too!! Thanks again Clifford and Stew!!

Xzavier Callahan

As a single parent I really appreciate the help that the Athletic Factory gave my son with tutoring class. Xzavier Callahan liked the tutor who helped him. So, I appreciate the extra help, it takes a village to help.

Trina Skotcher

The Athletic Factory helped support my son with tutoring. He was able to receive the extra time to learn the math skills he was missing. My son was able to maintain an A all year long.

Elizabeth Williams

I don’t know where to begin on how much we love this basketball program. My daughter is now 14 and is in 8th grade playing for BallersElite and because of Cliff and her hard work and dedication she’s starting on a 9th grade team. She’s only been playing for 2 years and this is her first AAU team. Cliff is soooo much more than her coach, he’s her mentor and our friend. The life lessons that have been taught I am truly thankful for. Preparing her for College scholastically and Athletically is the goal. He has given her more confidence and determination every session. I sit back and watch it’s absolutely amazing. Thank you Cliff for everything you do and being such an important part of our lives🧡. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our Ava.💪🏽

Amarius Jordan

Thank you to Teachers Pet Tutoring and The Athletic Factory for providing assistance and tutoring For helping get all my work turned in on time to graduate. I wanna thank Coach cliff and Coach stew for looking out for their players and making sure that they succeed. Means a lot and I’m grateful.

LeAnna Hutton

I am so happy we found The Athletic Factory! Jack has already learned so much from Coach Cliff. His basketball skills are getting better and better & he really enjoys his one in one basketball sessions. Even more importantly, with the help of teachers Pet Tutoring, Jacks grades are steadily improving. The teachers at Teachers Pet are absolutely AMAZING! I really like how Coach Cliff encourages a students grades to come first. Overall, this program has been such an amazing experience. I am so thankful we found The Athletic Factory.

Susan and Steve Tetreau

When our daughter came home with a smile on her face stating that the SAT wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be because Teachers Pet Tutoring trained her so well and prepared her for the test, we were so happy ! Thank you Athletic Factory for making this happen! The SAT practice at TPT gave her confidence, exposed her to important content, and trained her for the big day!

Jessica Rushton

Our family has benefitted greatly from the Athletic Factory student-athlete grant and Teachers Pet Tutoring. My oldest was part of an SAT prep that helped her study skills and tremendously. We were also fortunate to be part of the tutoring grant that allowed my other daughter to get help with her advanced math weekly. The program has made a huge difference in the amount of stress she had with having an advanced class and online school. Having this program has helped both of my children whether it was getting on track or staying on track. We are so grateful for the Athletic Factory and the work they are doing in this community!

Kaitlyn Cain

I really appreciate Coach Cliff and all of the time and effort he has put in to help me become a better basketball player. I enjoy the workouts and he helps me improve each time I train with him. He’s always teaching me new skills. He has helped me become more confident with my ball handling along with improving my shot. He has taught me how to react to different game situations.

Aley Minton

Thank you Athletic Factory and Teachers Pet Tutoring for providing valuable SAT and course related tutoring services for our son, Ty. He was able to raise his SAT scores significantly! Definitely encourage and recommend your services to other student athletes!

Jamie Cain

I am pleased to write a testimonial as both an educational leader with the Port Huron Schools and as a father of a student athlete.

Mr. Cliff Thomason and his team at the Athletic Factory provide invaluable resources and services to the youth of Port Huron and the greater Blue Water Area. Cliff truly has a love for our youth and it is his passion to help them grow as people, students, and athletes.

Cliff has been training my daughter in basketball for the last 3 years. He has helped her skill level and confidence improve greatly. Thank you Cliff for being such a great mentor and advocate!

Luke Angels

Thank you to Teachers Pet Tutoring and The Athletic Factory for providing assistance and tutoring in SAT prep over the summer. It helped me raise my overall score!! They also provided me with help and guidance on writing my college essay and give me the confidence to successfully apply to colleges for 2021!! Will be attending MSU in the Fall !!
Thank you to all my tutors at Teachers Pet for helping me keep up my GPA to get to the point where I am at!

Emma Trombly (Athletic Scholarship) Northwood University

I am so grateful to have such a place as the Athletic Factory. It has provided me with SAT prep and skills training. It is because of the Athletic Factory that I developed the skills and confidence to play at the next level. Coach Cliff and Coach Stewart spend endless hours in the gym, always working to bring the best out of student athletes. They are dedicated to ensuring the success of student athletes from all areas.

Jodi Trombly

The Athletic Factory creates opportunities and HOPE for children in the community. Whether it is tutoring, mentoring, strength building, or skills training, children in the community walk out of the Athletic Factory better people. The Athletic Factory promotes strong values and life skills that will have lasting impact, beyond high school. This organization helps children in the community embrace their potential both academically and athletically, fostering confidence and empowering each and every child. I have had the privilege to witness the promise the Athletic Factory has provided through my children’s classmates AND my own children. The mission of this organization is a immeasurable blessing to this community!!!

Tina and Paul Oriel

The Port Huron area is very fortunate to have The Athletic Factory and 2 dedicated individuals, Cliff Thomason and Marion Stewart. My boys are student athletes that are fortunate to have these amazing role models assist in their education, college planning, and athletic training. Their time and commitment to the future of our children goes noticed by so many people. With my boys being multi-sport athletes they are always there to help push them to be better. Their confidence has grown immensely because of this training. I can’t thank them enough for all they do for not only my boys but so many children in the area.

Balon Family

Thank you Athletic Factory for your generosity and the many programs you offer up to the local student athletes. Our sons have received tutoring, athletic skills, and confidence thru your offered programs. We have a son that has received an athletic scholarship to Lawrence Tec and another who currently has multiple scholarship offers. I truly believe these results are due to the caring volunteers found through out this program. I HIGHLY recommend this organization for your student athletes.

Matthew A McDonald (Donavon McDonald)

I feel so fortunate to have the Athletic Factory in our area. Cliff, Marion and the team are all about the kids. My son started out playing his first travel ball with Ballers Elite in 6th grade and Marion was his coach. We werent even sure if he would like basketball but that season was special. He loved it so much basketball grew to be a passion for him. Over the past few years Athletic Factory has been a part of our athletic journey. We continue to do skills training run by Cliff, which I feel he is one of the best trainers in the State! Its not just the athletics either its the connection they have with the kids and the support they provide no matter what you need. They guys have travelled half way across the state to watch my son play basketball when we werent even playing for their team. My son is now going into the 10th grade and is the #50 ranked player in the state. We are very proud of him and very fortunate to have a team like the Athletic Factory to help our kids reach their academic and athletic goals!

Caleb Collier (Athletic Scholarship to Siena Heights University)

The Athletic Factory is more than just a program for sports. In the Summer they helped me with SAT prep and got me prepared to take and do go on my SAT. The Athletic Factory to me is a big family that all cares about each other, I have had Athletic Factory coaches take me on visits to colleges and they always make it a fun time. Definitely wouldn’t be in the position I am if it wasn’t for the Athletic Factory.

Rita Luzynski

My daughter has 2 tutoring sessions each week with Teacher’s Pet Tutoring, which was made possible because of The Athletic Factory. The sessions have greatly helped my daughter both in maintain good grades and also has tremendously helped reduced the amount of stress on her because she has the help she needs to understand her challenging subjects in school like Algebra and Geometry. The certified teachers that tutor her are terrific and she gets to work with the Teachers that best fit her learning needs. We are very grateful for The Athletic Factory, and look to continue with tutoring through the remainder of her High School years.

Christa & Andrew Roman (Lexie Roman, Academic & Athletic Scholarship University of Nebraska Omaha)

We are very grateful for the opportunity for Lexie to work with fantastic teachers at Teacher’s Pet. The academic support was like no other. Being a multi-sport athlete, Lexie still kept her academics a priority. Teacher’s Pet accommodated her busy schedule and taught her life-long skills that she is using now while at college. She joined a team that was ranked the #1NCAA D1 women’s swim & dive team last year, so she knows there are big shoes to fill. She currently takes advantage of all the tutoring at college too! Teacher’s Pet taught her the importance to utilize help and support even when your aren’t struggling. Thank you Athletic Factory for your grant program giving her this initial opportunity.

De’Ovion Price

I don’t know where I should begin on how helpful the athletic factory has been to me. Starting with the SAT prep classes to the trainings, that has all played a huge part in why I am the person I am. I’ve been helped with school and being a better person. It’s more than just working out it’s about building relationships and character, I couldn’t be more thankful for the athletic factory.

Nijere Finney (Athletic Scholarship) GVSU

Where do I begin the Athletic factory has put a lot of kids in a better position including my self. They help you become better at your craft and most importantly your education and focus on your future all of the coaches that work in there treat you like family and won’t tell you nothing wrong. I was in a SAT prep class for 7 weeks during the summer and I haven’t been more confident in going in to take the test! The mentors are very respectful and help you out in a big way that will better you in school and as a person.

Addison Carr

Thanks to the Athletic Factory, our daughter has had the opportunity to engage in math sessions at Teacher’s Pet. She enjoys attending as these sessions have not only raised and maintained her grade, but her confidence in math overall. We appreciate the opportunity to help our daughter stay academically successful.

Keaton Bumgardner

I am so grateful that this grant from the Athletic Factory was available for my son. When we found out school was going to be virtual I knew it would be difficult for him, especially when it comes to Math. This grant has provided him the face to face teaching that he so desperately needs. His confidence has grown and he feels comfortable asking for help when needed. He went from failing math last year to maintaining passing grades so far this school year, amid all the chaos. The tutors and staff at Teachers Pet have been amazing,

Ally Shagena (Athletic Scholarship) Wayne State University

My daughter, Ally, attended the SAT prep classes that were provided by the Athletic Factory. The teacher was excellent and had significant experience with SAT test prep. As a result, she was able to raise her score by 50 points!

Brad Cooper

Brad is benefitting greatly from his time at teachers pet. He struggles to maintain focus and interest with virtual learning. Going to online learning was concerning for us as both parents work outside the home. Brads grades in ELA and math are steadily rising. We are so thankful for this opportunity made possible through the Athletic Factory. The financial assistance coupled with one on one learning during this difficult time is immensely helpful. Thank you to the Athletic Factory.

Chris and Brooke Sniesak

We feel blessed to have Cliff Thomason and Marion Stewart in our children’s lives. They are better athletes and students because of their influence.

Our son had the opportunity to participate in the SAT tutoring in Summer 2020 and this opened his eyes to the expectations for academics. Additionally, he has trained with Cliff and Marion since age 10- 5 years later he has a motivation to work that is undoubtedly driven by their leadership. He finds his “dribbling much better and overall IQ for the game is better because of them.”

Our daughter had the opportunity to work with Cliff and Marion for basketball training over the past couple of years. She has learned “how to make quick decisions on the court and how dedication pays off”.

Cliff and Marion demonstrate a work ethic that we are proud to support. Our community is a better place because of them.

Paige Pruitt

I am so thankful for this program that the Athletic Factory provides. Without it I would not be able to afford tutoring for my daughter Paige Pruitt. We have went from be frustrated and crying to let figure it out at tutoring. I cannot help her in math and a couple other classes. This pandemic has been hard and when she needs a teacher to explain the tutoring is there:)

Emma Farnsworth

Emma’s math grade has gone from a C to a B and she feels more confident taking test. She feels that Teacher’s Pet Tutoring has helped her get a higher grade on the SAT. Thanks to Cliff and the crew at the Athletic Factory, we were able to send Emma to tutoring once a week.

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Mike Palmer

The students of Port Huron High School benefit directly from the Athletic Factory’s support. What I appreciate most is the emphasis on academic support. Our student athletes have access to academic tutors along with specific SAT prep classes. Families have received help with completing necessary forms such as FAFSA and TIP that are needed for financial aid for college. Overall the Athletic Factory has proved to be an organization focused on achieving equity by removing barriers for our students and families. Thank you.

Eddie L. Kindle (Noah Kindle – Athletic Scholarship) GVSU

The Athletic Factory is an outstanding resource for student athletes and their families in the Port Huron area. Whether your son or daughter is a competitive athlete or not, the Athletic Factory can help you begin to invest in them at an early age and position them to take advantage of the intense education and support needed to become a college bound student athlete. As an educator and former coach myself, it is exciting to know that student athletes in the Port Huron area have an outstanding resource in the Athletic Factory. If preparation is the true key to success, make sure you take advantage of all of the preparation components that the Athletic Factory has to offer.

Camille Keyes (Athletic Scholarship) Indiana Tech University

I’ve been training with Coach Thomason for 8 years. He has made me the player I am on the court and a better person off the court. His training techniques and positive attitude have made me a more consistent shooter and ball handler, and allowed me to achieve my dream of playing college basketball. More importantly, Coach Thomason has taught me how to turn any frustrating circumstance into personal motivation to perform at a higher level. I would not be where I am at in basketball or in life without Coach Thomason.

Benjamin Heiss

Ben began the school year on a hybrid schedule and is now 100% virtual. Since September, he has been attending AP Calculus tutoring which has increased his confidence and helped maintain A’s regardless of how much he has been in-person. 2020-2021 will be a unique year, no doubt, but having weekly sessions helps Ben stay competitive and engaged with AP Calculus which prepares him for higher education. We couldn’t be more thankful for this program that the Athletic Factory is providing for student-athletes.

Amy McNeill

My son was able to receive rigorous and differentiated academic assistance through the Athletic Factory. He was able to take the SAT with confidence. He continues to build confidence academically and as an athlete. This opportunity for my son has been a true gift. Thank you Athletic Factory, Coach Cliff Thomason and Marion Stewart for writing this wonderful grant. It has made a positive impact on my son and many others student athletes. We are grateful!

Stephanie Sisk

Thank you so much Athletic Factory, your program has helped my daughter so much! Her grades have come up which helps with her self confidence in her everyday life. We appreciate it.

Ellyana Leathorn

The challenge of her parents divorce 2 years ago and having to learn online has been truly difficult for her. So having this constant on Wednesday night in person learning has helped her. Her grades are going up this term after figuring out the bugs with online learning. Thank you to The Athletic Factory!!

Haley M Cameron

I have a daughter that struggles with all her studies. All I ask is for Haley to do the best job she can do. I don’t ask for perfection but I do ask for the best they can do. The funding that you have given our family is beyond words. Thank you for your generosity. I hope you will still be able to help. So from the Cameron house hold we Thank you Athletic Factory for your service.

Jamie Diane Sarka

Jamie has always struggled with math and having a tutor has allowed her to keep up with her peers and in some places excel. Due to tutoring she has received a grade never less than an A. We absolutely all this to Teachers Pet tutoring, and The Athletic Factory for providing this program for student-athletes.

Shawn Klett

My grandson has improved so much with his comprehension skills in ELA since starting this program. He was never one to want to read, but with help from his tutor who explained how to not just read the words on the page but gave him the skills needed to comprehend and retain the information his grade has gone up dramatically. I’ve noticed he is working as hard to keep his grades up as he is with perfecting his long shot in basketball! Thank you so much The Athletic Factory!!!

McKenna Kiteley

Teacher’s Pet has been very thorough and organized. The tutor works hard in helping me grasp the concepts in Geometry. Sessions are engaging and have boosted my confidence in math. With the help from tutoring I have been able to maintain an A in geometry. This would not be possible without the generous support from the Athletic Factory.

Lexie Hepting

I started chemistry tutoring about three weeks into the school year. The tutoring is help me a lot especially because of the hybrid schedule, we didn’t have much in class time to learn the material. Now with the fully online is also very helpful because we have someone actually explaining it to us rather than just giving us another assignment. This is definitely helped out my grade a lot and the grant, from the Athletic Factory, has helped it so that I can do this and geometry class.

Kate Glenn

Thank you to the Athletic Factory for the opportunity to participate in this grant. The tutoring helped my daughter stay on pace and juggle a very busy schedule with extracurricular activities and sports. It also helped our entire family because it kept our costs down.

Jace Mullins

The Athletic Factory has provided my son an invaluable training experience that has lead to incredible skill and agility growth. Marion Stewart and Cliff Have gone above and beyond to provide exceptional training opportunities for all young athletes in our area. Moreover, they provided my son with tutoring, SAT prep and Assistance with college applications and the FASFA process, that has led to multiple college scholarship offers.

Ian Mitchell

Ian has received tutoring last year in Algebra 2 and currently in Pre-Calc. Ian grades have improved from a C-D with out tutoring to an A-B with tutoring. The tutors Ian has had are outstanding! We are so thankful for the services provided by the Athletic Factory.

Myles Averi Ainsworth

This program offered through the Athletic Factory, has helped Myles with his Math skills. So he can keep up and not fall behind in his Math is very important to Myles try to maintain a B or better grade. Myles has been playing hockey since is he was 4 years old. Myles loves hockey. He practices all year and is on a travel team ” 08 Flags”. We are very proud and how hard he works to get the best grades in school. Also very proud of how dedicated he is to his hockey.

Stacie Stein

My girls have greatly benefitted from our tutor with Teachers Pet Tutoring, through the Athletic Factory grant. Mrs. Horan has been able to help my girls with advanced math in 7th grade, re explain what might not have been clear in class or help work through homework issues if the girls were having trouble. The girls have maintained A’s this year so far in their math class. It has also front loaded the girls for upcoming topics in class and I feel, has given them a leg up in understanding the topic prior to having it taught in class which greatly boosts their self confidence in math. Which is something that was lacking prior to this tutoring!!

Coral Jae McConnell

Coral struggles with schooling and tutoring helps her tremendously. She went from a 38 to a 75 in math, but is struggling a lot with virtual, so we are very grateful for the tutoring. Thank you Athletic Factory for providing this opportunity.

Stacy Zimmer

My daughters grade in Algebra went from an 80 to 100. Her confidence in problem solving has also increased. Thank you Teachers Pet Tutoring and the Athletic Factory.

Tyson Skotcher

My son Tyson has raised all of his grades to A+ from C’s-D’s. The extra tutoring time has filled in the gaps and allowed him to process the information so he understands the course work. Having excellent grades gives him confidence and teaches him to not give up. Thank you very much Athletic Factory!

Marley Patterson

My daughter had difficulty studying for and taking her advanced math tests. She attended Teacher’s Pet, through the program provided by the Athletic Factory, and has an A in the class. Very helpful and appreciated!

Sue Tetreau

Like anything else that is extra work my daughter Amber was not too excited about the class at first. After the first class, she changed her mind by stating in the car that the instructor she was going to be working with was excellent! The SAT class she was part of gave her confidence to take the test, exposed her to problems she would be working with, and taught her skills to succeed! It was a blessing and gave her the boost she needed! Thank you Athletic Factory for providing this opportunity.

Karen Montgomery

Victoria is a multi-sport player and found it difficult to keep up with the level of math to her grade level. As a student athlete she knew she needed to gain assistance to keep understanding and obtain a grade of a B With this program she was able To maintain an A- and now has multiple university looking at her for their school and Honors program. Thank you Teachers Pet Tutoring for your great tutoring services, and thank you to the Athletic Factory for providing the opportunity.

Khalil Bass-Maddox

Hi, my name is Gina Bass-Maddox I am writing this letter to you to express how beneficial your program has been for our son Khalil Bass-Maddox. Our son has attended Teachers Pet Tutoring for several years now. Khalil has always struggled in Math. His math grade prior to attending Teachers Pet Tutoring was an E or D consistently and his confidence was low when it came to Math and trying to process the steps being taught to him. Within the first few months of attending tutoring we began to see a difference in his attitude towards Math. We started to see his confidence grow and his grades improve. Throughout this process Khalil now maintains an A-B average. Tutoring can be costly and their are so many children out there that can and do benefit from financial help from your organization and grants you provide. This is so important to continue that help because you are giving children the opportunity to change their life through education that they may not have been able to have the opportunity to do on their own do to financial difficulties. In closing I would like to say Thank You to the Athletic Factory and Teachers Pet Tutoring for helping, teaching, and inspiring our son Khalil to want to do better and to feel successful in his journey.

Jim Davert

Cliff is highly recommended as a basketball instructor. My son, who is 12 years old, has been working with Cliff for several months on skills development. During this time his ball handling, confidence, and understanding of the game’s intricacies have evolved significantly. Cliff has a knack for pushing him just outside his comfort zone so he can continue to develop his game. Furthermore, no two workouts are ever the same. As a result, my son is always extremely engaged and thoroughly enjoys training with him. Every week he leaves motivated to get home and work on the new drills and concepts covered in his training sessions.

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