In 2009, Cliff Thomason started the Ballers Elite AAU program. He wanted to develop a program that would give athletes the opportunity to enhance their skill level, increase their basketball knowledge, and help them gain experience and exposure by traveling in-state and out of state to play other AAU basketball teams. He also developed a 1 on 1 Skills Training Program. This training was designed to enhance a player’s ability to be a skilled 1 on 1 player. In order for a player to be successful in AAU basketball, he or she will need to learn how to create seperation, use their body, and be able to finish strong at the basket, with body contact.

In 2012, Cliff Thomason developed another training program that focus on speed, agility, lateral quickness, and vertical jumping, by using a series of weighted resistance bands called VERTIMAX Training. A 12 week study at Arizona State University showed VERTIMAX was 6X more effective at developing explosive power than traditional plyometrics! VERTIMAX provides the unique training advantage of allowing “Light Load, High Speed” training which is an advanced form of plyometrics that provides superior gains in power and speed performance.


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