How should students physically prepare themselves for athletics at the collegiate level?

Definitely step up your workout programs and get serious about what you’re doing. Contact the coach of the school and find out what their physical expectations are of you. Most coaches will supply the incoming students with a summer workout—a pamphlet, or guidebook, or a workout program that you will need to adhere to. Email your future teammates and find out what it’s all about. Ask questions and get yourself prepared both physically and mentally to go up against kids that are older, stronger and more mature. The student athlete that doesn’t do any of this and goes about their high school workout program may be lost when they get to college.

NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center Registration

What is the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Center

1.Why do I need to register?
2.How do I register?
3.What core classes do I have to take?
4.What is the required GPA?
5.What is the required ACT/SAT score?

Introductions-  “What services TPT can offer your student-athlete.” ● Brief overview of the NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers. ● Discuss “Profile Page” vs. “Certification Accounts”. ● Discuss” Importance” of being proactive in your education and ACT/SAT Testing. ● Getting Started with your Profile Page.

Student-Athlete Tutoring

The tutoring program provides comprehensive academic support to student-athletes in need of group or individual educational assistance. This bridge of academic learning and dedicated educators provides as scholastic oasis of academic growth and advancement. The tutoring program provides students with technical support while encouraging self-confidence, determination, and academic enthusiasm. This program seeks to meet each student where they are and provide tutoring support services to help each student grow to full academic maturity.