I feel so fortunate to have the Athletic Factory in our area. Cliff, Marion and the team are all about the kids. My son started out playing his first travel ball with Ballers Elite in 6th grade and Marion was his coach. We werent even sure if he would like basketball but that season was special. He loved it so much basketball grew to be a passion for him. Over the past few years Athletic Factory has been a part of our athletic journey. We continue to do skills training run by Cliff, which I feel he is one of the best trainers in the State! Its not just the athletics either its the connection they have with the kids and the support they provide no matter what you need. They guys have travelled half way across the state to watch my son play basketball when we werent even playing for their team. My son is now going into the 10th grade and is the #50 ranked player in the state. We are very proud of him and very fortunate to have a team like the Athletic Factory to help our kids reach their academic and athletic goals!