Hi, my name is Gina Bass-Maddox I am writing this letter to you to express how beneficial your program has been for our son Khalil Bass-Maddox. Our son has attended Teachers Pet Tutoring for several years now. Khalil has always struggled in Math. His math grade prior to attending Teachers Pet Tutoring was an E or D consistently and his confidence was low when it came to Math and trying to process the steps being taught to him. Within the first few months of attending tutoring we began to see a difference in his attitude towards Math. We started to see his confidence grow and his grades improve. Throughout this process Khalil now maintains an A-B average. Tutoring can be costly and their are so many children out there that can and do benefit from financial help from your organization and grants you provide. This is so important to continue that help because you are giving children the opportunity to change their life through education that they may not have been able to have the opportunity to do on their own do to financial difficulties. In closing I would like to say Thank You to the Athletic Factory and Teachers Pet Tutoring for helping, teaching, and inspiring our son Khalil to want to do better and to feel successful in his journey.