Teacher’s Pet tutoring provided my son with the confidence in math he was requiring to succeed. He was lacking the skills and ability to understand what was being taught to him. The one on one provided a positive and supportive environment for him to be able to apply the skills he learned towards his academic career. Thank to The Athletic Factory for providing us with the opportunity, and thank you to Teacher’s Pet Tutoring for helping his skills, ability, and confidence in math.

Natillie Wettlaufer

Tutoring was essential in keeping my child on track as a successful student. Learning is about creating habits. These habits lead to success in school and later on in life. My child’s tutoring helped to develop essential habits in the school environment that benefitted him well.
Transferring these habits to real time applications resulted in completed work, better grades, more improves work ethic and greater overall success.

Thank you to The Athletic Factory and Teachers Pet for working with my child to develop great habits.

Sean Culler

My granddaughter has greatly benefited from tutoring at Teacher’s Pet Tutoring with the scholarship from The Athletic Factory. She was really struggling in math, however with the assistance she received, she went from D’s to A’s and B’s. This was a huge boost to her confidence level and her happiness. Teacher’s Pet Tutoring was very accommodating and worked around her practice schedule. I pray you are able to continue offering the scholarships for the many children that need the one on one learning. THANK YOU!!

Michelle VanBuskirk

I want to say thank you so much to the Athletic Factory and Teacher’s Pet Tutoring for offering this program. I was failing math, and by the end of the semester, I received my first A in math. I couldn’t have done this without the support of the program and my tutor, Mary! I have gained so much confidence, allowing me to take the tools I have learned and help encourage and help my classmates during group work. I once dreaded math class, and now I look forward to it. I gained the confidence I needed as my goal is to become an anesthesiologist, and math is going to be an essential part of my future. And I am so grateful as it’s setting me up for success!!!

Karina Martinez

My daughter has truly benefited from the tutoring she has received in pre- calc. She’s been able to ask questions and get 1:1 help and a guided explanation while understanding and completing her work. The tutoring has made her feel more confident and has increased her knowledge and test scores.
Thank you Teacher’s Pet Tutoring, and Athletic Factory!

Jodi Brockitt

I am so thankful for the opportunity provided to my daughter, Therese Georgia, by the Athletic Factory. She was awarded a scholarship for SAT prep at Teacher’s Pet tutoring. This was incredibly helpful and beneficial for her. Her SAT test score went up 200 points after taking the prep classes. She just received her scores the other day and it was 1430!! We are all thrilled with the improvement in her scores and her confidence in taking the test. We can’t thank The Athletic Factory enough, for the opportunity!!

Eileen Switzer

I am very thankful for this program to help support my daughter’s academic progress. She was struggling a lot in math. Her confidence in math has improved along with her skills due to this program. The tutor was excellent, and my daughter actually enjoyed going to tutoring. Thank you, Athletic Factory!!

K Jackson

SAT prep helped me as a student by preparing me for what to expect and how to handle problems on the SAT. Without it I probably would have had no idea how to cope with the test. Thank you to Athletic Factory for providing this opportunity!!

Bradley Cooper

I am just amazed that one hour a week has provided my daughter the ability to maintain eligibility in sports through the increasing of her grade by almost 40%. I can’t thank the Athletic Factory enough for allowing my daughter to continue doing what she loves, building confidence in a classroom, and proving reassurance that she can do it! This program is a life saver.

Amber Sabo

The Athletic Factory helped my nephew who was struggling during Covid. The help that they provided was absolutely amazing. With their assistance we were able to get him back on track and he is doing great.  A huge thanks for the support they provided!

Nathan Albers