The Athletic Factory helped my nephew who was struggling during Covid. The help that they provided was absolutely amazing. With their assistance we were able to get him back on track and he is doing great.  A huge thanks for the support they provided!

Nathan Albers

This tutoring program has helped me from almost failing 3 semester to passing all them. Thank you Athletic Factory!!

Brayden Albers

I am so grateful for my son to be given this opportunity and I want to personally thank athletic factory for making it happen! My son was failing two marking periods and with the help of Teachers Pet and Jessica Wilson’s wonderful team, he is now passing and going to graduate on time!! This program is amazing and I can’t put into words how much this means to not only me, but my son too!! Thanks again Clifford and Stew!!

Nicole Albers

As a single parent I really appreciate the help that the Athletic Factory gave my son with tutoring class. Xzavier Callahan liked the tutor who helped him. So, I appreciate the extra help, it takes a village to help.

Xzavier Callahan

The Athletic Factory helped support my son with tutoring. He was able to receive the extra time to learn the math skills he was missing. My son was able to maintain an A all year long.

Trina Skotcher

I don’t know where to begin on how much we love this basketball program. My daughter is now 14 and is in 8th grade playing for BallersElite and because of Cliff and her hard work and dedication she’s starting on a 9th grade team. She’s only been playing for 2 years and this is her first AAU team. Cliff is soooo much more than her coach, he’s her mentor and our friend. The life lessons that have been taught I am truly thankful for. Preparing her for College scholastically and Athletically is the goal. He has given her more confidence and determination every session. I sit back and watch it’s absolutely amazing. Thank you Cliff for everything you do and being such an important part of our lives🧡. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our Ava.💪🏽

Elizabeth Williams

Thank you to Teachers Pet Tutoring and The Athletic Factory for providing assistance and tutoring For helping get all my work turned in on time to graduate. I wanna thank Coach cliff and Coach stew for looking out for their players and making sure that they succeed. Means a lot and I’m grateful.

Amarius Jordan

I am so happy we found The Athletic Factory! Jack has already learned so much from Coach Cliff. His basketball skills are getting better and better & he really enjoys his one in one basketball sessions. Even more importantly, with the help of teachers Pet Tutoring, Jacks grades are steadily improving. The teachers at Teachers Pet are absolutely AMAZING! I really like how Coach Cliff encourages a students grades to come first. Overall, this program has been such an amazing experience. I am so thankful we found The Athletic Factory.

LeAnna Hutton

When our daughter came home with a smile on her face stating that the SAT wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be because Teachers Pet Tutoring trained her so well and prepared her for the test, we were so happy ! Thank you Athletic Factory for making this happen! The SAT practice at TPT gave her confidence, exposed her to important content, and trained her for the big day!

Susan and Steve Tetreau

Our family has benefitted greatly from the Athletic Factory student-athlete grant and Teachers Pet Tutoring. My oldest was part of an SAT prep that helped her study skills and tremendously. We were also fortunate to be part of the tutoring grant that allowed my other daughter to get help with her advanced math weekly. The program has made a huge difference in the amount of stress she had with having an advanced class and online school. Having this program has helped both of my children whether it was getting on track or staying on track. We are so grateful for the Athletic Factory and the work they are doing in this community!

Jessica Rushton